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Interior Painting

If you are looking for interior painting service in Brooklyn, NY, look no further. Platinum Painting Service is experienced and trained to provide you with the best painting services available. We will be precise and detailed and make sure everything is above your expectation. If you are ready to spruce your home with a new coat of paint, then please contact Platinum Painting Service today and receive the best painting services in town.

Decorating Painting

Give your home a personalized feel with Platinum Painting Service's decorating painting services. We work with you to design the ideal layout and color scheme for the project before presenting our team of house painters your vision. We work diligently on craft and hone our skill to ensure an expertly crafted piece for our clientele. Whatever design you need, we can create it! To request our decorating painting services, call us at Platinum Painting Service today.

Wallpaper Installation

Here at Platinum Painting Service, we are experts at designing your house and making sure it looks good. So whether you want our painting services or need wallpaper installed Platinum Painting Service is happy to help. You pick out the pattern, and we will make sure it is up in no time. To take advantage of our wallpaper installation services and our wallpaper removal services, then please call Platinum Painting Service today.

Construction and Remodeling

Construction projects take a lot of planning to design, deliberate, and execute. Likewise, remodeling projects require experienced designers to lay out the right course of action. For both types of projects, Platinum Painting Service is here to assist. Our designers can assist you in capturing your vision in printed form, helping you with your new construction project for your home. For any remodeling needs, our designers get an accurate measurement of your floor plan and can craft a brand new look for your home. For all of your construction and remodeling needs, get in touch with Platinum Painting Service today to get started.

Kitchen Renovation

A new kitchen will make your home more liveable, and it will increase the equity value of your real estate like few other remodeling projects can do. A great new kitchen will be the focus of family life and can be the center of social gatherings. A fully remodeled kitchen is most certainly a project worth the time, money, and effort, and you can avoid being overwhelmed if you fully understand the steps that go into the process before you begin.

Bathroom Renovation

You start and end each day in your bathroom. It's more than just a place to get ready; it should be where you allow yourself to refresh and relax.

Our team of professional designers and craftsmen are ready to turn your ideas into a reality. From small adjustments to a major bathroom overhaul, from transitional to contemporary designs, we'll transform your current bathroom into a space that meets your vision and your needs.

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